American English Pronunciation (2015)

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American English Pronunciation (2015)- 重新更新已失效的口語學習經典教材

American Rachel's eBook shows you, from start to finish, how to improve your English speaking skills.  Improve your English to excel at work or school and feel at ease speaking with Americans.What makes this book different?Learn concepts together: The problem with many English pronunciation books is that you learn one concept, then another. In American English Pronunciation, you'll find an integrated approach and learn concepts together. For example, when you learn the sounds, you'll study what they're like in stressed and unstressed syllables.Study real conversation: A large chapter at the end takes all of the concepts you've learned and applies them to real conversations you'll hear in everyday American English. Study English the way Americans really speak it.

Over 150 Audio Files: You can't get better if you don't practice! The audio files give you ample listen-and-repeat content. You'll learn how to practice difficult words and phrases with over 150 audio files featuring male and female voices.

The 290-page PDF is a lot more than text. Perhaps you've seen some of the Rachel's English videos before, one at a time, but didn't know where to start. Here, you'll find everything put together in a system, start to finish, with organized links to over 200 Rachel's English videos to stream over the internet.If you want to download all 212 videos, you have to buy them.  

With a friendly and pleasant reading, in American English Pronunciation, Rachel conducts you from the most basic English sounds, going through consonant clusters, to reduction and linking, considering the most common hurdles that she has faced through her years of experiences, teaching people all over the world.


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